Atta Chakki Manufacturing by Means of Automated Machinery



At the time when the technical advancement in our daily life activities was very nominal, people were accustomed in utilizing milling machines to pulverize the nutritional flour. From that time to now, one would have to say that the technology has come a long way as now there is an assortment of equipment that is accessible in the market with astounding attributes. These equipments are formulated in such a way that it can comprehensively grind cereals and produce high quality of flour. Since the traditional milling machine has some stern limitations, the development of automated machinery was just a matter of time. The main drawback with conventional milling machines was that it used to take plenty of time and in result used to give a relatively lesser output. Therefore, the chakki atta manufacturers in Jammu and Kashmir decided to produce the more productive atta chakki. These modern day atta chakki are eco-friendly in nature, quick in action, and have an unparalleled durability.


Significance of Chakki Atta on Humans Health


P Mark is far and wide regarded as one of the most prominent chakki atta suppliers in Punjab and other parts of the country. It has raised the bar for the standard of chakki atta. P Mark chakki atta enhances the immune system big time; here is some of its significance on human health:


• Chakki atta prepared by P Mark helps in better weight management.

• P Mark atta chakki contains Iron and Vitamin B12 which aids to the growth of RBC and Glucose respectively.

• P Mark chakki atta promotes endurance, strength, well-being, and happiness.

• It helps in enhancing the blood sugar management.


Chakki Atta Manufacturers in Punjab: The chakki atta produced by P Mark is available in wide range. The smallest packet available is of 1 kg while the heaviest packaging is obtainable in 50 kg.